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What we offer

Our portfolio of services will satisfy every client's wish or need in order for it to successful expand into a new market. We provide services either directly or through out network of partners. Our pricing structure is based on the principle of adaptability to the requirements and financial possibilities of our clients. We offer various rates, starting from rates for single basic services to comprehensive packages and lump-sum payment packages in case of long-term cooperation. If you have a specific need that is not listed here, please contact us, we will do what we can to accommodate your requirements. 

Description of Services

Translations and Interpreting: our translators and interpreters are bilingual and possess a thorough knowledge of both cultures. What we aim to provide is not literal translation, but translations which facilitate understanding and accurately communicate the meaning from one language to another while taking into account the specifics of both the languages. Moreover, all translations are double-checked by bilingual professionals from the field in order to make sure the translated documents meet the client's desired objective.

Market Research: We offer both a basic and comprehensive research of the market. In case of basic research we mostly rely on publicly available sources. We assess the target market and find out if it suitable for the export of your product. We will prepare a list of potential business partners and look into their potential interest in your product or service from all available, internal or paid databases. In more complex studies we cooperate with our partners. We can compile, execute and process qualitative and quantitative surveys in various parts of France or in the entire country. Everything depends on your needs and financial resources.

Representation: We will assist you with the preparation of your presentation at trade fairs and other events and/or we will accompany you to such events and provide you all the necessary services. This service includes:

  1. Consultation in finding the appropriate trade fair with regard to client's orientation, complete service with the implementation of the presentation at the fair, negotiation of a suitable location and price.
  2. Complete organization service at the site of the trade fair (stall equipment, accommodation, transport).
  3. Interpreting and presentation during the trade fair.
  4. Translations of promotional materials.
  5. Presentations in industrial and other (such as: nuclear, biotechnological) clusters and economic chambers.
  6. Exchange of contact information, arrangement of a meeting and presentation conditions.
  7. Consultation, interpretation in the context of the presentation and representation of the client.
  8. We are capable of providing up-to- date information, preparing a newsletter in English and informing the client about appropriate events for a presentation (seminars, B2B, conferences), prepared at individual clusters and economic chambers.

Website Creation: Our partners are specialists in creating web pages (presentation, e-commerce and other) and applications. We can therefore create the French version of our client's website or come up with its completely new graphic identity based on his individual needs.

The Creation of Marketing Materials and of the PR Campaign: Our partners are experts in graphic design, marketing and PR campaigns. Based on the client's needs we can therefore create marketing materials and organize a PR campaign on social networks or in other media.

Support of Business Development

  1. Identification of relevant partners and specific opportunities in France.
  2. Definition of a suitable form of cooperation: share in production, joint-venture, cooperation on public procurement contracts, etc.
  3. Preparation and implementation of a primary presentation and arrangement of a meeting with the selected company.
  4. Consultations and interpretation during meetings.


Public procurement contracts

  1. Preparation and consultations in the stage of processing bids.
  2. We can get the client acquainted with the possibilities and conditions of public procurement contracts in the engineering, nuclear, construction, energy and arms industry.
  3. On the basis of our client's focus, its production capacity, knowledge and know-how, we can look for suitable public procurement contracts.
  4. We can also take care of complete solutions: draw up an offer according to the existing rules and technicalities, norms and all required certificates.
  5. Search for suitable partners among French companies for a particular public contract.
  6. We can accompany the client during the presentation of its offer and at meetings with the contracting authority.

Price list

Type of serviceService descriptionBilling formPrice in EUR
Consulting and administration Business Development part time depending on scope of service, prices from EUR 1'000/month
  Selection of a suitable trade fair and negotiation of suitable location and price depending on the scope of service and type of trade fair from EUR 360/day
Legal services According to the price list of our partner law firm  
  Mediation of a contract/business deal Commission according to the product type and complexity  
  Office duties associated with sending workers to France According to the frequency and type of work from EUR 100/worker/assignement  
Communication & PR Web design depending on the scope of service    
  Creation of marketing materials and preparation of PR campaign depending on the scope of service